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October 1st, 2017, 8:08 pm

Little Delay


Due to mild health issues this week, I will be pushing the update to next week and doing a double update to make up for the lost time. Apologies for the wait!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of Chapter 35:

October 2nd/3rd: No update

October 9th/10th: Double Update. $5+ Patrons will get the high res version of Chapter 34 with bonus cover.

October 16th/17th: Color update to finish off the chapter. $5+ Patrons should be getting the high res version of Chapter 35 with bonus cover.

Also afterwards there maaaaaay be some changes coming to the site? We’ll see!

Also also hey did you know you can get some free bonus art right now? Just give me a little vote!

See you guys next week! Thank you for your patience! :D

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