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August 6th, 2017, 5:28 pm

Happy August! I bring good news! :D

So hey, have you wanted to support the comic but can't afford to become a patron? Did you want to promote the comic but didn't know how? Did you just want a cool image out of the deal?

Well, now I can provide all of that for you!

The Electric Rose is now on TopWebcomics! Here, you can vote for your favorite webcomics once an hour and the top ones get on their front page every month! Aaaand if you vote for me, you can an exclusive image as thanks! Patrons don't get to see this image and neither does anyone else! It's only for those who vote on TopWebcomics! So follow that link up there and give me a vote, okay? ;) Thank you! ♥

See you tomorrow/Tuesday for the update! :D


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