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May 22nd, 2015, 5:35 pm

‘Kay so here’s the deal

While thumbnailing pages to draw this week, I realized that Chapter 19 is gonna be a fair bit shorter than I thought it was gonna be. Turns out I might be able to finish this chapter in roughly 6 or 7 pages. :O It’s awfully late in the week, though.

So I’m gonna make y’all a deal.

Give me an extra 24 hours, and I’ll finish the chapter in the very next update. Remember, the beginnings and ends of every chapter are color pages so that’s gonna take a little bit of extra time. So one extra day, and I’ll finish the chapter and you won’t have to wait two weeks for the end of chapter 19 because of MomoCon!

I suppose this means I’m late in revealing the name of the next chapter.

Chapter 20(!) will be named “And When The Smoke Cleared…” Ominous!

Thanks for being patient!

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