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Brief Hiatus!

July 2nd, 2018, 7:00 am

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Author's Comments


July 1st, 2018, 11:09 pm


Hey guys! I haven't been feeling my best recently, and I've been dealing with a lot of new things going on. And I really feel like I've been slipping in motivation, and therefore quality, in the comic. So, I'm gonna take a quick break to rest up and hopefully get my crap together in order to be better for myself and the comic.
So, I bet you're wondering what this means for the rest of you, right? Well I have answers for that!

Lovely patrons who chuck money at me every month:

First off, thank you. :D

Secondly, you may have noticed that I haven't said anything about July's TopWebcomic image. Beeeeeecause it's not done yet. (See what I mean about Everything Happening So Much?), but patrons are about to get June's right after I hit post on this. July's image will be up soon. Patrons will also get some extra bonus art while I'm gone, including the $1 patrons.

"So this means you'll be on hiatus during Elysia's birthday, right?":

Yes, Elysia's birthday is July 7th, so there won't be a comic update, however, there will be birthday art just like every year. Maybe more than one? We'll see how the week goes.

"But you won't really be resting if you're drawing a whole bunch. Will you be alright?":

I appreciate any concern you may have, but I'll be going at my own pace for pretty much everything I post between now and then, with the only exception being Elysia's birthday image, for obvious reasons.

"What's with that image?":

It's a big ol' reference to Heartcatch Precure, which I friggin' adore. It's a damn shame that none of the (legal) American streaming sites actually have it. But if you ever get the chance, please watch it! It's great. :D

(Yes, I know Netflix has a couple Precure seasons under the names "Glitter Force" (Smile Precure) and "Glitter Force Doki Doki" (Doki Doki Precure) but they change a few of the Precure's Cure names and cut a TON of episodes, so I'd rather watch the originals.)

(Let me yell at you about magical girls one day; it's fun I promise lol.)

That's everything for now! Let me know if you have questions and I'll see you soooooooooon!

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